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Iceland weather guide


冰岛气象预报,引导旅客。欢迎来到我们的天气应用程序 - 离线模式,支持多国语言!应用目前详细的天气预报,每小时3期6天,长期天气预报根据每天的天气12天,30天他归档数据。准确和地方预测分支机构遍布全球,可以离线设备中的工作。最好的应用程序为旅客和山远足!应用程序显示当前天气有关的详细信息:- 条件- 最小和最大温度在晚上,晚上和早晨- 湿度- 压力- 风速- 云覆盖- 日出和日落- 这一天的长度
Welcome to our weather app - with offline mode and support for multiple languages!App present detailed weather forecast per 3 hour periods for 6 days, daily weather for 12 days and 30 days long term weather forecast basedon archive data. Accurate and local forecasts for locations worldwide, now can work offline in your device. Best app for traveler and mountain hikers!App shows detailed current weather with information about: - conditions - min & max temperature at night, evening and morning - humidity - pressure - wind speed - clouds cover - sunrise and sunset - length of the day
App can work in offline mode, weather forecast can be viewed offline, after data is cached. You can use this weather app without data roaming and hidden costs!
Please note that hikersbay app provide data created by community. If you think that we're publishing incomplete or incorrect data let us know by clicking "report incorrect data' below the contested information.
DisclaimerThis app is created to providing the most comprehensive information about traveling to other countries. However, it does not guarantee100% accuracy of data. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of using this mobile app.Authors do not accept responsibility - including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or information, and the like.